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A&D TechEng has supported AB Foods and Beverages with our Industrial PLCs and Production Database application for over 8 years now. In conjunction with our development team, they have provided the technical expertise that allows us to increase our production efficiency and implement new automated systems for production.”

AB Foods and Beverages.

I’ve worked all over the world in the food and beverage industry and I’ve used a number of automation vendors, however when asked for my input in selecting a supplier of an automation solution, I could not go past my experiences with the local Siemens partner, A&D TechEng. We have been completely satisfied with the A&D TechEng outcome. Together with Siemens they have provided the complete solution from ground up and their support has been fabulous from day one. We have a number of plans in place that will mature in the next couple of years. We have no doubt A&D TechEng will again play a vital role in our plans.”

Bulla Dairy Foods.

A&D TechEng has worked with GlaxoSmithKline Australia for over a decade now, supporting our manufacturing PLC, SCADA and our in house MES system. They have assisted us in obtaining our plant data with minimal hardware but still providing flexible solutions that are compatible with our various upgrade programs. Furthermore they provide 24 hour technical support which is crucial for any plant that runs continuously.”

GlaxoSmithKline Australia.

As a successful and rapidly expanding food and beverage manufacturer, we had to ensure we teamed up with reliable and proven partners when it came time to build our multi-million dollar plant in Melbourne’s North. Time is money, and we expect quality from our suppliers just as our customers expect of us. A&D TechEng have a strong track record and came highly recommended. They are providing solutions for key sections of our new manufacturing facility; it’s a partnership built on quality.”

Edlyn Foods.